Welcome to the world of Bruxo Catering.


We have built you seven different foundational menus, from which we hope you can put together a catering experience that is perfect for you! All of the food we do can will work in several different service styles. With some items or menus we strongly encourage one style over another.


Service Styles


Window – In classic food truck form, a line forms and people receive or order their food at the window.


Passed – Servers distribute hours dvours throughout the event.


Station – One or multiple serving tables are laid out and food is plated by Bruxo staff as guests move along the line.


Family Style – Large share platters are laid out at tables with place settings and dinner plates.


Individual Plating – Guests are served one by one on single plates, generally in a multi course setting.


Plates, Napkins, and Utensils


All pricing includes use of our biodegradable plates, paper napkins and utensils from Leafware, made from compressed palm leaves. If you would like to purchase rental plates and/or cutlery, we are happy to use them instead.


Additional Services


We do provide an array of additional catering services and charge for these on a case by case basis, factoring in event size, sophistication, logistical complexity, and the venue.


Event Planning

Rental Coordination


Site Preparation and Cleanup


Alternative Options


Custom Menu Creation – We collaborate with you for $75/hr to create something unique to your event and personality outside of our foundational menu options. Note: planning fee applies whether or not we end up catering the event.


Truck Buyout – You can roll the dice and have us bring the truck with whatever menu we are offering to the public that week. $1500 minimum for a 1 hour buyout, and a $500/hr minimum for each additional hour.




Low Season, January – March

All Days: $1500

Mid Season, April, May, October, November (excluding Thanksgiving week)

Weekdays: $1500

Weekends: $2500

High Season, June – September

Weekdays: $2500

Weekends: $5000




We are happy to travel anywhere in the state of California, and are even open to a broader range in special cases. We are based in the Santa Cruz area and for events more than 100 miles from us we ask for reimbursement for gas and accommodations for the crew.




50%-80% of our ingredients come from local farms and purveyors. We do our best to only use sustainably grown and harvested goods whenever possible. We make almost everything we do completely from scratch on the truck.


Dietary Restrictions

Menu alternatives for dietary restrictions must be specified in the catering contract, with a final count rendered no later than three weeks prior to the event. Dietary restrictions are accommodated by omission or simple substitution whenever possible. If preparation of a completely separate dish is necessary an additional 20% cost will be added per item per person, and a 40% cost per item per person will be added for any last minute alternatives the day of the catering. The reason for this policy is that in general we have to staff an additional 1-3 people at events just to handle prepping and serving dietary restrictions.. If you have a large number of dietary restrictions amongst your guests, we highly recommend that you select a menu that can accommodate the majority of your group.


Last Say


We reserve the right to only serve menu combinations that we believe will lead to a sense of nourishment and satisfaction among the guests. For example, we do not like to have more than two fried items on any one menu. Additionally, we reserve the right to veto plate or platter selections that we do not believe will frame our food properly.


Thank you for taking the time to look over our offerings, and we hope to see you soon at the truck!